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An essay by Sheila McGregor for The New Immortals.

“What difference would it make if we never died?” That is the question artist Judith Alder set out to explore many months ago when she embarked on the research that has come to fruition in this exhibition.

The process has involved countless conversations with scientists, philosophers, medical researchers, gerontologists, ethicists, artists and the wider public. It has prompted her to engage with the leading edge of scientific enquiry, delve into the quackish ways of the anti-ageing industry and immerse herself in the immortality stories and myths with which human-beings have sought to explain and stave off the worrying prospect of their own extinction. Above all, it has led her to discover and bring together in this show work by other artists who are interested in the physical, emotional, scientific and philosophical implications of the age-old quest for ways of extending human life… read the full text of Sheila McGregor’s essay for The New Immortals here.

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