Murray_Duncan_Ian Williams
Image: Murray Ballard

Presented in partnership with Brighton and Sussex Medical School, this symposium brought together artists, scientists and academics to explore the works and themes of The New Immortals exhibition, considering what advances in biomedical science and technology might mean for us as humans and the way we think about life and death, mortality and immortality.

Taking artworks from the exhibition as a starting point for discussion, the symposium  assembled the exhibiting artists, scientists, clinicians and academics, giving everyone an opportunity to come together to view the exhibition and discuss some of the issues raised in the work. Borrowing from a successful format used elsewhere each artist was “matched” with an invited guest who was asked to give a short informal talk inspired by the artist’s work and informed by their own professional background and interests.

The symposium provided the opportunity for a genuinely cross disciplinary exploration of some of the questions posed by the exhibition: Could indefinite human life become a reality? What do we mean by human immortality? Do (or should ) we really want to live extended lives? and What difference would it make if we did?

Pictured above: Dr Ian Williams responds to artist Duncan Poulton’s video work No Body.


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