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For two weekends Blue Monkey Studio in Eastbourne was the venue for The New Immortals Bring and Buy Sale. Visitors were invited to bring books with the words, mortal, immortal and death in the title, immortal superhero figures and cuttings and excerpts from articles about anti-ageing remedies and life extending miracles of science and medicine. In return I offered for sale my New Immortals badges and stickers, handmade concertina books containing excerpts from The New Immortals conversation events, my framed collages and even some bottles of “Water from the Fountain of Youth” which I thought were a bargain at a fiver a bottle!

The sale resulted in some great acquisitions including “The Big Book of Death” and a superb Wonderwoman doll complete with headpiece, boots and alternative costume. It also raised the first £100 towards my target of £2500 which I plan to raise as match funding for a grant towards production costs for The New Immortals exhibition next year.

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