It’s been a busy few weeks for The New Immortals project. To all the artists who have sent proposals and submissions of work, thank you. I have received more than 170 applications which are interesting, poignant, personal, scientific, rigorous, crazy,  complex, imaginative and exciting. I can only apologise to everyone who is waiting patiently for a response. The curatorial process is going to be a long one, as I spend time reading everyone’s proposals, and think about dialogues that might develop between the works as they are put together in an exhibition. I promise that I will get back to you all eventually, but it is going to take some time.

Meanwhile, I’m planning two New Immortals events which will take place in the next two weeks. The first, a workshop for 6th form Ethics & Philosophy and Art scholars, will feature a presentation of works which demonstrate some of the intriguing ways which artists make work about complex and difficult subjects. We’ll be thinking about some of the questions prompted by The New Immortals project such as questions around population, sustainability, quality of life and euthanasia and we’ll be looking at a selection of artists’ work as well as watching videos like the one above of Julijonas Urbonas’ talking about his Euthanasia Coaster.

On the 12th March, I’ll be holding a public talk at Phoenix Brighton called, The New Immortals: Myths and Miracles. In this illustrated talk, I will present a selection of myths and miracles, from past and present, which can inform the way we think about human immortality. From tales of ancient civilisations, elixirs and rejuvenation machines to modern day resurrection stories and regenerative therapies, I’ll be talking about just a few of the multitude of myth and miracle stories which chart the progress of humanity’s sometimes bizarre attempts to outwit death.

The Myths and Miracles talk is one of several fundraising activities which I’ll be initiating for production of The New Immortals exhibition. Tickets for the talk are £5 each (+ 95p booking fee). Book via Eventbrite at All proceeds of ticket sales will go towards production costs of The New Immortals exhibition which will open at Phoenix Brighton in 2016.

Author: judithalder

JUDITH ALDER IS AN ARTIST whose practice forms a process of enquiry - turning things inside out and upside down with a curiosity driven by a desire to understand the world better. At the heart of the work is an exploration of the contradictions and conflicts of modern life.

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