The New Immortals

The New Immortals home pageProposals or submissions of work are invited for a curated exhibition, The New Immortals, to take place in 2016 at Phoenix Brighton.

Artists are invited to submit expressions of interest for inclusion in the exhibition, responding to or interpreting the themes outlined in the brief.

E-mail with enquiries or to arrange a phone appointment if you want to talk about the project. To submit work for consideration please complete The New Immortals submission form at

INFORMATION FOR ARTISTS: The New Immortals is a research project exploring man’s quest for immortality, from the historic search for eternal life through spirituality, magic and medicine, to the modern miracles of contemporary biomedical science. We live in an age where scientists can create, manipulate, alter and sustain life to an extent once unimaginable, so could there be a time when indefinite lifespan might become a reality?

  • Author and theoretician on ageing, Aubrey De Grey speculates that the first 1000 year old man may have already been born
  • Renowned gerontologist Tom Kirkwood began his Reith Lecture series in 2001 by saying that we now know that ageing (the greatest cause of death) is “neither inevitable nor necessary”

In 2001 the BBC commissioned a Gallup poll which discovered that nearly 45% of people wanted to live to be 100; but what about a life of 200 years? Or 500? Or 1000? Assuming that science and medicine could “stretch” our middle years to give us a reasonably healthy long life, how would we feel about that? And what difference would super-longevity make to us as individuals and as a society? With life expectancy already almost double what it was 200 years ago, where will it all end?

Bioethicist and philosopher, Professor John Harris says, “…scientific advances could lead to significantly extended life-spans… The development of these technologies may be far in the future, but the moral and social issues raised by them should be discussed now… Scanning future horizons will enable us to choose and prepare for the futures that we want, or arm us against futures that, while undesired, we cannot prevent.”

The New Immortals exhibition will aim to open up some of these issues for further discussion and will be accompanied by a programme of events, discussions and talks.

DOWNLOAD THE BRIEF HERE: The New Immortals_Call for artists full brief

Author: judithalder

JUDITH ALDER IS AN ARTIST whose practice forms a process of enquiry - turning things inside out and upside down with a curiosity driven by a desire to understand the world better. At the heart of the work is an exploration of the contradictions and conflicts of modern life.

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