New Immortals A5 - online-1-700

In an age when scientists can create, manipulate, alter and sustain life to an extent once unimaginable, The New Immortals explores man’s ongoing quest for immortality, from the historic search for eternal life through religion, alchemy, magic and medicine, to the modern miracles of contemporary bio-medical science.

Artist Judith Alder has been asking: Could indefinite human life become a reality? Would we really want to live forever? and What difference would it make if we never died?

Through conversations with scientists, clinicians, philosophers, ethicists, artists, curators and the public, Alder explores notions of life and death, mortality and immortality and the way we think about these ideas in our new age of scientific miracles. As a culmination to her research, Alder brought together ten artists in The New Immortals exhibition at Phoenix Brighton in 2016. The exhibition was accompanied by an events programme organised in partnership with Brighton & Sussex Medical School and Brighton Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

The New Immortals is available as a touring exhibition. Contact judithalder23@gmail.com

Supported by a Grant for the Arts from The National Lottery through Arts Council England and Phoenix Brighton. The New Immortals exhibition was at Phoenix Brighton from 20th Feb 2016 to 20 March 2016. www.phoenixbrighton.org 


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